Classic Vespa the Most Wanted by Classic Motorcycle Lovers

Classic Vespa
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As one of the most classic and enduring automotive icons in the world, the Vespa is not only a vehicle, it is also a way of life. Since its introduction by Piaggio in 1946, the Vespa has become a symbol of freedom, style and Italian culture. For Vespa enthusiasts, there are several models that are considered “treasure treasures”. Which are especially coveted because of their unique design, history or distinctive characteristics. Here is a list of some of the most sought-after Vespas by aficionados:

Classic Vespa 98 (1946)

The first model ever produced. Its simple and elegant initial design, as well as its rich history, have made the Vespa 98 highly sought after by collectors. Only around 15,000 units were produce, making it a rare item.

Classic Vespa 150GS (1955)

Known as one of the sportiest Vespa ever. With sleek body lines, a top speed of up to 100 km/h, and improved suspension, this model is a favorite with speed enthusiasts.

Vespa 50 Special (1969)

Popular among teenagers at the time, the Vespa 50 Special had a funky design with square headlights and modern features. Although small, but has a strong character.

Classic Vespa PX (1977)

Introduced in 1977 and surviving more than three decades in production, the Vespa PX is the epitome of the timelessness of Vespa design. With a manual transmission and characteristic round headlights, this model is highly prefer by Vespa purists.

Vespa T5 Pole Position (1985)

With five transfers in its engine (hence the name T5), this Vespa is a beast of speed in Vespa form. Accompanied by a sporty dashboard, the Vespa T5 is the dream of motorists who want a combination of speed and style.

Vespa GTS 300 (2008)

Representing the modern era of Vespa, the GTS 300 offers a combination of engine power and ride comfort. Even though it has modern technology, it still maintains the classic Vespa aesthetic.

Vespa 946 (2013)

As a tribute to the Vespa 98, the Vespa 946 has a very artistic design with luxurious lines and premium materials. Not only as a vehicle, the Vespa 946 is also considered a work of art.

Vespa Elettrica (2018)

As a response to the era of electric vehicles, Vespa introduced Elettrica which is a combination of tradition and innovation. Even though it runs on electricity, it still retains the soul and character of the Vespa.

For Vespa lovers, each model has its own story and charm. Finding and caring for a classic Vespa is not just about owning a vehicle, it is also about preserving a piece of history and culture. In their search, every Vespa found is not just scrap metal, but a symbol of an era, a story, and of course, a lifestyle.